Wednesday, May 18, 2011

update: grizzly and more


We searched for him all day. Then when mom came home we started to call the police and shelters, etc. because we were having no luck. Then when I called the pound I got a lead about the humane society bringing in an older dog.

So, I called the humane society and left a message. Not 20 minutes later they called me back and we went to meet them. And there he was!!! I guess he was found about 8:30 wondering down the middle of 846 a pretty busy road by the police. thank goodness he wasn't hit by a car because people fly down that road! So he spent the day in the slammer and then the humane society went to get him when they could. Thats when we got the call and went and picked him up. The humane society guy said that he was glad he had a happy ending because they don't get to see a lot of them!

Mom also went to go get some geese today! With grizz getting older she wanted some gaurd geese. One is 6 weeks old (Hank) and one is a day old (Charlie). They are soo cute!

We also let the babies out in the barn today to run around a little bit. They had the running farts like always and it is quite comical!





Camie..can you see her shedding out?

Hello, Boys!

Being crazy


Ziggy and Camie. Can you see Dan's mean face?

Yummy, Wood!

Good Night! I hope you had as good of an ending to your day as I did. 

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