Wednesday, August 17, 2011

we have growing children!

Hello all. I will start this with some apologizing. I'm sorry this post will not have pictures. I am also sorry that I haven't updated in a little while.

Ok: First update!

Mom bought a tape measure that tells you about how much a horse weighs because they are due to be wormed again. And our growing babies weigh...drum roll please...around 400 pounds! The little oinkers! :) 390 for Camie and then Ziggy weighed in around 440. Bolt was somewhere in the middle.

Second Update!

Using the same tape measure for the weigh you can get their height! Starting with the littlest: Camie! She is 11.3 hands. Next was Bolt! He is 12.1 hands. Then the tallest of them all Ziggy stands at 12.3 hands. Bolt is sure giving the draft horse in Ziggy a run for its money!

If you aren't horse people and are not sure what a hand is, it is 4 inches.

Third Update!

The babies had their hooves trimmed last week and me being a dummie didn't even think about taking pictures! But, we will get pictures again because all was well until Doug our farrier saw Ziggy's front right (i think) foot. It was shorter than the other like his legs were opposite lengths and it was trying to make up for it. Well... We had to have the vet come out because we had to make sure nothing was serious. It turns out that just due to the speed of him growing it has thrown his body out of whack a little bit and we have trim that shorter foot so that his tendons stretch out and make his legs and his hooves the same length again. They will be here next Wednesday so I'll have some pictures of the process then!

Forth Update!

With the vet being here mom had her look at Camie's and Bolt's hernia's. It turns out that Bolt's is worse than Camie's because she could fit 2 fingers in his and only one in Camie's. Then she told us that everyday we should work on them by trying to push them back in. Mom said when they were younger that she was going to push them in and then duct tape them. Guess maybe we should have?!?! haha Hopefully they will get better without needing any surgery.

Fifth Update!

Also the vet said that the boys were becoming boys. Ziggy's "man parts" have dropped. But Bolt being a middle man like he has been this whole post wants to stay as a middle man and only has one "man part" that has dropped. Hopefully the vet doesn't have to go digging for it!

Ok. That's all I know for now.