Thursday, September 1, 2011

The babies are famous! Well.. almost!

Hello!! Well yesterday was the day and our article was finally published!!! YAY!! It was really good and so exciting to have our babies in the paper's magazine!!

Thank you to all of you that donated your magazines to us!!

This is just kind of a teaser post. I started school last week and have been kinda crazy so i haven't been able to post lately because i've pretty much been running 8-8 days for 2 weeks straight now.. but since this is a holiday weekend don't you worry!! I will give you guys a nice long updated post (with lots of pictures!!!!) about what has been happening lately (mainly with Ziggy and his peg leg!!)

Welcome all who were interested in our blog about our babies!! Please come driving and find our house with the orange snow fence to see the babies! they would love to see you too!!!! If you are new to the post, be sure to check back to march when the blog started and read the whole baby story and see them grow before your eyes! there is even video of them from when they were crazy babies!!!

Thanks for all of the support everyone!