Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long time, No post.

I'm so sorry that it has been not days, not weeks, but months since my last post! I've been a crazy person though going to school full time and coaching volleyball i don't think there was a day when i was home before at least 7:30. So i apologize!!!!!!! Imagine, the big article in the magazine comes out and then i don't have ANY time to do any updating or to take any pictures (b\c i was barely home when all the fun happened). But this is all the pictures and updates i can think of that has gone on in the last two months...

Hank and Charlie are getting HUGE!! NOT to mention how protective that they are getting!!! But they are still the silly geese that we love. 
I don't have a picture of this.. but funny story. One of our  "baby" chickens that we got this past summer went missing. We are talking went missing for like over a month... Well she turned up one day and had TWO babies!! They were adorable! Mom was uber protective for about the first month until she thought they were big enough to be by themselves. Well unfortunately that only last for a few days and then they disappeared at some point. No clue where they have gone, but they either wandered away (unlikely) or something got them. So that was sad. Our very first real baby peepers with a momma and all got eaten! (or something like that.)

These are the kids checking out the trailer. They love to get in it now and whenever it would rain or storm when they were out, this is where they would be. 

This is Flash and we also have Gizmo..but i don't have a picture of her. He is a baby kitten that "brother" had.. Whoops, I guess she was a sister instead of a brother. They are now a few months old and are very cute. they tear around the barn have lots of fun. 


Ziggy after a rain storm

Camie after the same rain storm

Ziggy, Camie, Bolt

Bolt, Ziggy, Camie


Ok, so i know that in the last post i said something about how Ziggy's feet were getting all messed up. Well it turns out that it was because Ziggy was growing SO much! He was growing almost an inch a week and his poor tendons in his legs just couldn't keep up. There are more pictures below of what we have been doing to help but unfortunately it isn't working so well. He still has the issue with his feet, but luckily he has stopped his growth spurt so hopefully we can get him straightened out before his next growth spurt. If we couldn't do anything then he would get a club foot and we dont want that!!!!! So get better Ziggy!!!!

A rose between two thorns

You can kinds see in this picture how his foot (the white leg) is almost rotated upward. He doesn't have the right amount of stretch in this leg.

You can see it much much better in this picture.

This was the beautiful rainbow that we got after the rain storm. and it was absolutely HUGE! it was a full one. and then at one point we actually got a full double rainbow. I tried to put a few pictures on here that were best so you  could see it, but i literally couldn't get the whole rainbow in my camera shot. 

I like this one with Camie in it!

This is the shot of the double one. its kinda hard to see but it you look right above the bright rainbow you can see the doubled one faintly. 

Bolt looking cute!

This is Holly our vet. She is great and has been working hard to help us with Ziggy. 

His boot.

His boot up close so that you can see the show at the end of it. Our farrier Doug was also there to help. Unfortunately for now, Holly said that our best bet was to call the specialty place and take Zig for a consult. Hopefully we will be able to get good news. 

This is Teddy and he was in quite the pickle when i found him. he was over this board and wasn't quite sure how to get out. He was really funny figuring out how to get off of this. I have a video, but it is too long to put on here. Sorry!!

Teddy up close. Can you see why I call him Fabio?? :)

Dan being nosey outside of the barn. He is goofy. 

Well that is all the updates i have for now. hopefully i will be able to tell you about Ziggy's progress soon. I really hope he gets better. He is so sweet I don't want anything bad to happen to him!