Monday, May 23, 2011

Va Va Voom

I also took a video yesterday because it had been a while since I uploaded one. Its pretty cute. I think you can hear Bolt nahing which he always does when he is running and then be sure to turn up your speakers for Camie's running farts! too funny!

Yay! Nice Weekend!


It was sunny for 3 days in a row. I think that might be a record for this summer! Too bad I was inside for most of it because I had to work.. oh well! We finally had the babies out today to run around. I also got some pictures of our other babies Hank and Charlie and the chickens.

The horse babies are doing great! We went to an auction this weekend and although there was only one baby that was as old as them, they looked fantastic, which made us feel pretty good. We must be doing something right! The only thing we need to do is take care of a couple things. They need a visit from the ferrier and they as in Camie and Bolt need a visit to the vet because they both have hernias that didn't heal on their own.

Today we also got them started on fly spray. They did amazingly well! No one freaked out! Yay! And as we were walking up, mom made the observation that Ziggy's head is now taller than me! Which isn't hard to do for a horse since I only stand 5'1 on a good day! But, I still have him by a little because he can't truly look me in the eye yet! Just wait for a few more days and then I bet he can!

Here was the fun from today!

Charlie's first time outside!

Hank with his pals

He is too cute!

Just set fre


Ziggy and Camie



Bolt, Camie, Ziggy, Dad

Ziggy: "What the heck are you going to do to me?!?"

Bolt.. saying the same thing!

Camie..doesn't care

A back, A front and A side

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

update: grizzly and more


We searched for him all day. Then when mom came home we started to call the police and shelters, etc. because we were having no luck. Then when I called the pound I got a lead about the humane society bringing in an older dog.

So, I called the humane society and left a message. Not 20 minutes later they called me back and we went to meet them. And there he was!!! I guess he was found about 8:30 wondering down the middle of 846 a pretty busy road by the police. thank goodness he wasn't hit by a car because people fly down that road! So he spent the day in the slammer and then the humane society went to get him when they could. Thats when we got the call and went and picked him up. The humane society guy said that he was glad he had a happy ending because they don't get to see a lot of them!

Mom also went to go get some geese today! With grizz getting older she wanted some gaurd geese. One is 6 weeks old (Hank) and one is a day old (Charlie). They are soo cute!

We also let the babies out in the barn today to run around a little bit. They had the running farts like always and it is quite comical!





Camie..can you see her shedding out?

Hello, Boys!

Being crazy


Ziggy and Camie. Can you see Dan's mean face?

Yummy, Wood!

Good Night! I hope you had as good of an ending to your day as I did. 

boo mother nature

Hi guys..

Sorry for no updates. The weather has been horrendous! Its rained something like 30 of the last 40 days... it was kinda ok this weekend but it rained in the morning and then was so so in the evening.. but we were afraid to let them out because they get crazy and we didnt want any injuries!!

This past monday I had a lovely surprise for me when I came home.. not!! Poor Zig man must have had an upset stomach. I will spare you the gorey details and jsut tell you that it was disgusting haha! He was covered from the butt down. :( and how had to clean it up? this girl. He was such a good boy though! he let me put on his halter and then i lead him out of the pen and tied him up. that was the first time we was ever tied. And the whole time he just stood there. I was using hot water so it must have felt good. He even was lifting up his legs for me. It was gross but he was sweet and you could tell he didn't feel good so it wasn't that bad.

In other farm news our old man grizzly is lost. Some how he managed to slip his colar. It is worrisome because he hasn't been feeling well lately and we can't find him anywhere! And in the 13 years that we've had him he has never ever gotten out of his colar let alone run away.

I was thinking about when we first got him. He was a stray that was of course dropped off at our house and dad wouldn't let him come inside. So i set up a nice house for him and gave him food and water hehe! Well, we didn't tie him up because dad didnt want to keep him so everyday when I would come home from school, Grizz would meet me at the end of the driveway and pick me up from the school bus. He did this for a few weeks and then one day he didn't come get me. i was heart broken and called my mom sobbing because i thought he had finally run away. Well!! he was jsut next door visiting the neighbor and once he realized I was home he came back. He is a good dog and I hope we are able to find him.

I also wanted to say HI!! and thanks for everyone who has visited our site. I didn't think we would get any vistitors other than family, but we've had people from singapore, germany, russia, australia, and a few more cool places look at our blog at least once. So, I just wanted to say thanks for checking us out! It makes my day when I see someone new has looked at this.. even if you didn't mean to! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy belated mother's day!

Hi guys.. Well the last few days have just been gorgeous!!! Finally feeling like summer. We had a nice little mother's day picnic and then later in the day let the babies out to run around. They had fun and so did my cousins and their friend.

The babies are getting sooo big! They are primarily just eating pellets and we fill their milk up a couple times a day but they get a lot of water in the milk too.. They are starting to become big horses and are enjoying the grass now too.. and they like to steal the hay as we walk by to feed the other horses. Its also been hot here the last couple days and the bugs have been bad so I set up a big fan for them. They are enjoying that and Ziggy is funny when he puts his top lip in front of it!

Here are the pictures from Sunday. Sorry i was going to post yesterday but it was sooo nice outside i was out there all day and actually started my farmers tan! haha

running, running, running

Go Bolt Go!

The boys are racing.. but i'm not too sure what Camie is doing?

Do you think they are having fun?

I'm not sure if Bolt is just taking off or rearing up?

These guys are two peas in a pod.

Tess giving Ziggy a kiss.

Just moseying around.

Camie trying to kick Bolt. Bolt is saying "Damnit, I don't think so."

I think at this point we were trying to catch them to bring them in.. They don't look too willing!
The cousins Tess and Mark (red) and his friend Kyle (blue) with the Zig-man.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i don't know if i like the start of my summer vacation...

Well.. today was the first nice day in what feels like months.. actually its been like 2 weeks, but that is long enough. But apparently not as it is supposed to rain tomorrow again :(  Today was my first day of summer vacation (YAY!!) and that means I offically am a 2nd year PTA student (DOUBLE YAY!!) but i feel like i got the crap beat out of me today. Mom asked me to let the horses into the big pasture. No biggie, except when Olie is a big re-re and runs right into me and i get smooshed into the gate while i am trying to open it. awesome.  Then i go into the barn to feed and give milk to the babies and i'm standing there petting Bolt when WHAM! he flails his head up and smacks me right in the face. another awesome.

Since i was planning to be a bum on my first day off with nothing to do, I was sitting there watching OD episodes of True Blood (<-- great show) and Jack the dog comes over to visit. When Chase being he jelly-face that he is came over and Jack thought that the best way to get my attention was to hit me in the face. I have a nice big scratch under my eye now. 3 times awesome.

Ok.. so now to the babies.. Since it was a nice day, Dad and I let the babies out to run around even though i let them run around a little this morning in the barn. I had Camie and dad had the two boys. Well Camie likes to get crazy about 20 feet before the gate and ran right into my leg. It's not that I got hurt but she freaking ripped my FAVORITE pair of sweat pants!! :( I am so bummed. I'm not gonna lie... I almost shed a tear for them. They may not be completely ruined but they will look pretty dorky when i sew them back up... :( and quadruple awesome.

Ok.. now really here are the babies. They had fun running through the muddy pasture and no one went through the fence! yay! but they were out too long because the bugs were kinda bad and one thing the babies hate are bugs!!!!!!!

                                          Can you see the tails swishing to get rid of the bugs?

                                                  After a few laps around the pasture

                                   Bolt and Camie wondering off into the sunset.. Zig not so much

                                                        Ziggy was not into the bugs...

                                            Bill, this one is for you.. A hug around Ziggy's neck

      This is a picture of Bolt's brakes. He must have good ones because he didnt go through the fence!

A good one of Bolt in action!

These are our funny goats Joey and Jasper.. story below

I let them out today to get some exercise and we walked all the way up to the pasture and then i decided to take them around the house.Well they are so goofy and cute they ran with me all the way around the house 3 times... haha

Well thats about it.. hopefully tomorrow is a better day :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

more pictures from sat!

They were happy to get out and stretch their legs!

It seems I can only get good pictures of Camie running.. But look, she is so fast she is blurry!

Racing toward the other end of the pasture, on their way back

I think Bolt is saying NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH

Mom was trying to make them run and Camie was bucking at her telling her what she thought!

My boyfriend Stefan loves the babies too!! :)

Ziggy: "I'm not chewing the fence.. honest!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

saturday fun

Well this weekend we finally got a nice day and a chance to get some pictures!! With all of the wind we had, we first fixed the fence and then went down to the barn to get the kids! They were ready to go as they hadn't been out since wednesday!   Here is a picture of Camie getting a little brushing in the barn before heading out.
 And here we are out running!   Boy its a beautiful day and a little slippery from all the rain....oh wait....I"ve taken a turn too sharply on a little soggy ground...and whoops!   there go my feet out from under me and down I go....did anyone see that????
Well, we wanted to add more pictures but we are having technical difficulities downloading the pictures!   Since I have to work tonite and Mom usually isn't very technically saavy, I guess we'll have to continue our story tomorrow!   Have a great day everyone!  :)