Thursday, May 5, 2011

i don't know if i like the start of my summer vacation...

Well.. today was the first nice day in what feels like months.. actually its been like 2 weeks, but that is long enough. But apparently not as it is supposed to rain tomorrow again :(  Today was my first day of summer vacation (YAY!!) and that means I offically am a 2nd year PTA student (DOUBLE YAY!!) but i feel like i got the crap beat out of me today. Mom asked me to let the horses into the big pasture. No biggie, except when Olie is a big re-re and runs right into me and i get smooshed into the gate while i am trying to open it. awesome.  Then i go into the barn to feed and give milk to the babies and i'm standing there petting Bolt when WHAM! he flails his head up and smacks me right in the face. another awesome.

Since i was planning to be a bum on my first day off with nothing to do, I was sitting there watching OD episodes of True Blood (<-- great show) and Jack the dog comes over to visit. When Chase being he jelly-face that he is came over and Jack thought that the best way to get my attention was to hit me in the face. I have a nice big scratch under my eye now. 3 times awesome.

Ok.. so now to the babies.. Since it was a nice day, Dad and I let the babies out to run around even though i let them run around a little this morning in the barn. I had Camie and dad had the two boys. Well Camie likes to get crazy about 20 feet before the gate and ran right into my leg. It's not that I got hurt but she freaking ripped my FAVORITE pair of sweat pants!! :( I am so bummed. I'm not gonna lie... I almost shed a tear for them. They may not be completely ruined but they will look pretty dorky when i sew them back up... :( and quadruple awesome.

Ok.. now really here are the babies. They had fun running through the muddy pasture and no one went through the fence! yay! but they were out too long because the bugs were kinda bad and one thing the babies hate are bugs!!!!!!!

                                          Can you see the tails swishing to get rid of the bugs?

                                                  After a few laps around the pasture

                                   Bolt and Camie wondering off into the sunset.. Zig not so much

                                                        Ziggy was not into the bugs...

                                            Bill, this one is for you.. A hug around Ziggy's neck

      This is a picture of Bolt's brakes. He must have good ones because he didnt go through the fence!

A good one of Bolt in action!

These are our funny goats Joey and Jasper.. story below

I let them out today to get some exercise and we walked all the way up to the pasture and then i decided to take them around the house.Well they are so goofy and cute they ran with me all the way around the house 3 times... haha

Well thats about it.. hopefully tomorrow is a better day :)

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  1. I laughed so hard reading this that I almost peed! :)