Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy belated mother's day!

Hi guys.. Well the last few days have just been gorgeous!!! Finally feeling like summer. We had a nice little mother's day picnic and then later in the day let the babies out to run around. They had fun and so did my cousins and their friend.

The babies are getting sooo big! They are primarily just eating pellets and we fill their milk up a couple times a day but they get a lot of water in the milk too.. They are starting to become big horses and are enjoying the grass now too.. and they like to steal the hay as we walk by to feed the other horses. Its also been hot here the last couple days and the bugs have been bad so I set up a big fan for them. They are enjoying that and Ziggy is funny when he puts his top lip in front of it!

Here are the pictures from Sunday. Sorry i was going to post yesterday but it was sooo nice outside i was out there all day and actually started my farmers tan! haha

running, running, running

Go Bolt Go!

The boys are racing.. but i'm not too sure what Camie is doing?

Do you think they are having fun?

I'm not sure if Bolt is just taking off or rearing up?

These guys are two peas in a pod.

Tess giving Ziggy a kiss.

Just moseying around.

Camie trying to kick Bolt. Bolt is saying "Damnit, I don't think so."

I think at this point we were trying to catch them to bring them in.. They don't look too willing!
The cousins Tess and Mark (red) and his friend Kyle (blue) with the Zig-man.

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