Sunday, May 1, 2011

saturday fun

Well this weekend we finally got a nice day and a chance to get some pictures!! With all of the wind we had, we first fixed the fence and then went down to the barn to get the kids! They were ready to go as they hadn't been out since wednesday!   Here is a picture of Camie getting a little brushing in the barn before heading out.
 And here we are out running!   Boy its a beautiful day and a little slippery from all the rain....oh wait....I"ve taken a turn too sharply on a little soggy ground...and whoops!   there go my feet out from under me and down I go....did anyone see that????
Well, we wanted to add more pictures but we are having technical difficulities downloading the pictures!   Since I have to work tonite and Mom usually isn't very technically saavy, I guess we'll have to continue our story tomorrow!   Have a great day everyone!  :)

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