Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Babies!

It is so nice that the weather has started to change to spring! With the nice weather, we have been spending way more time outside!! I hope that the weather where you are is just as nice as the weather we have been having. Ziggy has been doing pretty good. The poor thing is getting so restless though since he has been in a stall since Christmas! He is starting to get bad because he wants to play so bad that had been nipping at us like he would do with the other babies. He is finding some amusement though in the jolly ball that we put in his hopefully that will help keep him busy.

About a month ago was the babies first birthday!! We assume they were born on March 8th. To celebrate, we expanded the baby pen (finally since we have been wanting to this all winter!) Our neighbor Mim (their godmother) brought up a happy birthday sign and some horse treats and some saw dust! By the time I got my camera though, bolt had already eaten half of the birthday sign, so I didn't get a picture! Sorry Mim!! :) The babies love their new pen though, and really burn off a lot of energy out there. They were becoming a handful to walk them out front before, but now that they can run around.. they aren't as high strung and ready to go when we take them up! It's the best thing we've done!! (and that's saying something! haha)

Two weeks ago when Doug was here, he put a shoe on Ziggy's other foot (his right one) because he thought that it looked like it was starting to pull under a little bit. It straightened his foot right out. Unfortunately, it came off a few days ago, so we are just waiting until Doug can come back again so we can put it on. His other shoe is still on and is working really good. His foot is really supported and its not drooping anymore! Hopefully his leg is healing and he will be able to come out of his stall soon. With the help of Doug (the best farrier in the valley!!!) hopefully he will be up and going by this summer!! Thanks for all your hard work Doug!

Here are some pictures of the babies new pen. They are enjoying one of the first days of sunshine. And then there are some of Ziggy. You can see how big he is getting! He is growing like a weed!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

The babies hanging out with the geese

Lounging in the sun

"Are you talking to me?"

Mr. Nosey is checking out what i'm doing

Poor Ziggy inside =(

Cam Cam

The big guys also enjoying the sunny day

"Do you have a treat?!"

Dad and Ziggy- His butt is at dads shoulder!

"I don't want to, dad!"

Yummy, grass!

Brush time!

Mom. MOM! Where did you go? Oh.. behind Ziggy!