Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome Back

Hope everyone had a good Easter break. I know I did! I spent it in Virgina with my boyfriends family. It was nice but a little crazy, just how family gatherings go. And just like after any holiday, you are always tired. Well, monday night I received this picture from my dad of the babies. Looks like they had an EXHAUSTING weekend too! :)

What LAZY bums huh??? And poor Camie! She is getting squished..ugh.. i mean hugged!

Hopefully the weather will break a little bit and it will dry up so we can let the crazy kids out to run around. Until then, I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Vacation

Since I am headed to Stefan's aunts house for Easter vacation tonite after class, mom and I decided we needed up update the blog.   We went down to the barn this afternoon to catch some  pictures before I left to keep everyone happy until I get back!    I had mom take the ladder into the pen so Ziggy would tilt his head and, of course, he was more than willing to be silly!   Got some great pictures of them running around the barn and of Camie sharpening her teeth on the door....  They really have some pent up energy!   Lets hope this rain and bad weather breaks sometime soon so we can get them back outside jumping and playing.   Enjoy everyone!

Here is Ziggy looking at the ladder!   Told you it was funny....lol!
A closeup of Bolt's eye & Camie sharpening her teeth....you can see on the door where they are doing it!
 Here is Camie licking the mud off the tractor tires...yummy....mud!
 Thought you guys would like to see a closeup picture of Bolt.    He is really pretty...just a stinker!   Mom and I were desensitizing them to touch last nite and both Camie and Ziggy will let you pet them everywhere and pick up their feet....Bolt on the other hand isn't quite so willing....I thought he was going to pull my arm out of the socket when mom picked up his back foot.....dont worry....mom has more willingness than Bolt has unwillingness...she wont let him be a goof
 Here is a good picture of Ziggy making the run up the barn to the front door...Ollie the mule thought he would get in the act and run and jump too!   He almost squished a chicken in the pen!!  Woohoo...go Ollie!
 Here are the kids making a dash up from the back of the barn....with, of course, Camie in the lead
Have a great Easter weekend!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend update

Well, I am sorry to say that this, but no pictures from this past weekend! The babies weren't able to go out and have any fun because Sat it rained ALL day! We got over 2.5 inches of rain! YUCK! And with the lovely winds that we have been having it ripped our fence half way down :( The babies were out twice in the barn, but I wasn't home to take pictures. I had to work all weekend and then today I had a volleyball tournament.

I was told a funny story today though! The wind was so bad that it actually blew the tarp inside the barn that covers the babies pen off the nails. So handy dandy dad took in the ladder to put it back up. Well, Ziggy just thought that was the darnest thing. You know how when you make a funny noise dogs cock their heads to the side and look like they are trying to figure out something. OH YEAH. Ziggy does that! I've never seen a horse look quizzical. And when he does it, it is quite comical. I will have to try and get a picture of it.. I'll have dad set back up the ladder tomorrow! haha.

More pictures to come as they are growing like weeds and are just as bad. I think they are teething because they are chewing their pen like crazy. Do they make teething toys for baby horses?!?!

And, don't worry Bill, I'll get you a picture of us hugging Ziggy's neck for you. Then you can imagine you are here! :)

Thanks for following everyone! Talk at ya later!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome to the Play Pen! Enter if you dare!

Well, dad and I decided to take the babies out tonight. I was walking Camie up to the pasture tonight, and needless to say she started to be a little butthead as we got close to the fence. Well.. she i think she was mad at me and tried to let me have it haha. Cue video....

So, by popular demand i continued to take video's of the kids! They were being bad tonight! But bad is a good thing! As you will see in one of the video's Ziggy slides into home and is called safe... right into the fence! And i missed a photo opportunity, but Bolt litterally did fall into the fence ripping it in half and going right through. But he shot back into the field just as fast.

Ziggy and Bolt

Bolt, Camie, Ziggy

Run Ziggy run!

Come get me!!

This video shows the kids running and bucking! :)

                                   This video is where Ziggy runs into the fence! What a goof!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tonight's fun

Tonight we had the babies out for a run around their pen and boy did they have fun!! They were being very energetic and did some crazy stuff. When we first got out there, Camie was channeling her inner Lipizzaner and tried to jump into dad's lap! Then when she started to run around, she was running so fast around the corner she literally tipped right over! It was like those slow motion AFV videos where the guy can't get his feet moving fast enough and they just fall. She had a nice scuff mark on her shoulder. When she got up she looked around like "Did anyone see that?!?!" She is a hoot!
Ziggy was also being a bad boy tonight! He headed full tilt towards the fence and instead of veering to run up the fence, he decided he would like to try his hand at jumping! And had he not stopped himself mid jump, he was THIS close to joining us on the outside of it!!!!!!!!

All of the neighbors had a good kick out of the kids tonight. My cousins were having fun leading Camie around and trying to pet Bolt. Dammit. I don't think so. <--- that is his full name. haha! They are becoming quite the neighborhood attraction, and when they are out, they are getting a lot of visitors! Which we enjoy and its also great for them. So if you around our house, stop by if they are out for a visit!
Camie Girl!!

Bolt. Dammit. I don't think so.

Camie and Bolt

Ziggy and Bolt

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeding Habits

The last month has been a long one. But, I am sure, as my whole family will tell you, it has been a cake walk after that first week was over. The babies are on a milk substitute diet. It consists of: Milk substitute, yogurt, oats, and depending on the time: G.U.T. and Probios.

When we first brought them home, it was a nightmare keeping up with them!! They were eating atleast every 3-4 hours, sometimes even every two. You had to make sure that you were making the milk the right temperature or otherwise you would make them shiver. It was crazy!

And to top everything else off, diahrrea and ulcers are the fastest thing to kill these guys. And at one point they all had diahrrea! Camie girl had it SO bad that we had to call the vet. She was put on a big regime that included antibiotics, this clay-paste stuff called Bio-Sponge, lactaid, and pepto. It was a chore. They all had to be done at certain times through out the day and the antibiotics had to be dissolved in water.

The past couple weeks we have been giving them milk pellets along with the milk. They are loving them! They are constantly crunching away. They aren't drinking as much milk, which is nice for us for both time and money! Because you wouldn't believe how expensive that milk is! They are also starting to get bored because they are loving chewing on their wooden pen!

They are getting big. It is fun to see them grow. It is also fun to see them maturing and their individual personalities coming out. I will put up a pic and a bio of each of them soon so you guys can get to know them! Going off to study now. Practical tomorrow! wish me luck!

The Story of Our Rescued Orphan Foals

I would like to introduce to you (from left to right): Camie, Ziggy, and Bolt. They are about a month old in this picture, but they have been our loving new babies since they were 4 days old. They are happy and healthy baby horses, but they were never meant to be. They were meant to make money. They were meant to be ripped from their mommies and to be sent to auction. They were meant to be slaughtered. They are a product off of the big horse farms that are trying to breed the next big thing... only they were never meant to survive.
The Story in a nutshell:
The big racing horse farms are constantly trying to be the ones who breed the next Secretariat. Their breed mares are just that: baby makers. That is their only job. They get sent to the stud farm and a week after they give birth, they are right back to where they started. BUT what about the babies?? Well, "generic" mares are being bred at the same rate. When both mares give birth to the babies the racehorse mares baby gets sent to the "generic" mare. And the generic mare's baby gets taken away only to be sent to the auction to be sold for MEAT, HIDES, and whatever else you can think of that they would do with baby horses. <-- But not something good!
Victoria from Last Chance Corral (http://www.lastchancecorral.org/) has been a God-send to these babies for the last ten years when she decided that they deserved a better reason for being born. Last year she save almost 100 and 2 years ago she saved 200! If you are ABLE and WILLING to adopt some baby horses, please check out her website.