Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeding Habits

The last month has been a long one. But, I am sure, as my whole family will tell you, it has been a cake walk after that first week was over. The babies are on a milk substitute diet. It consists of: Milk substitute, yogurt, oats, and depending on the time: G.U.T. and Probios.

When we first brought them home, it was a nightmare keeping up with them!! They were eating atleast every 3-4 hours, sometimes even every two. You had to make sure that you were making the milk the right temperature or otherwise you would make them shiver. It was crazy!

And to top everything else off, diahrrea and ulcers are the fastest thing to kill these guys. And at one point they all had diahrrea! Camie girl had it SO bad that we had to call the vet. She was put on a big regime that included antibiotics, this clay-paste stuff called Bio-Sponge, lactaid, and pepto. It was a chore. They all had to be done at certain times through out the day and the antibiotics had to be dissolved in water.

The past couple weeks we have been giving them milk pellets along with the milk. They are loving them! They are constantly crunching away. They aren't drinking as much milk, which is nice for us for both time and money! Because you wouldn't believe how expensive that milk is! They are also starting to get bored because they are loving chewing on their wooden pen!

They are getting big. It is fun to see them grow. It is also fun to see them maturing and their individual personalities coming out. I will put up a pic and a bio of each of them soon so you guys can get to know them! Going off to study now. Practical tomorrow! wish me luck!

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