Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend update

Well, I am sorry to say that this, but no pictures from this past weekend! The babies weren't able to go out and have any fun because Sat it rained ALL day! We got over 2.5 inches of rain! YUCK! And with the lovely winds that we have been having it ripped our fence half way down :( The babies were out twice in the barn, but I wasn't home to take pictures. I had to work all weekend and then today I had a volleyball tournament.

I was told a funny story today though! The wind was so bad that it actually blew the tarp inside the barn that covers the babies pen off the nails. So handy dandy dad took in the ladder to put it back up. Well, Ziggy just thought that was the darnest thing. You know how when you make a funny noise dogs cock their heads to the side and look like they are trying to figure out something. OH YEAH. Ziggy does that! I've never seen a horse look quizzical. And when he does it, it is quite comical. I will have to try and get a picture of it.. I'll have dad set back up the ladder tomorrow! haha.

More pictures to come as they are growing like weeds and are just as bad. I think they are teething because they are chewing their pen like crazy. Do they make teething toys for baby horses?!?!

And, don't worry Bill, I'll get you a picture of us hugging Ziggy's neck for you. Then you can imagine you are here! :)

Thanks for following everyone! Talk at ya later!

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