Friday, July 29, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Well the first piece of exciting news is that it finally rained ALL day today! This is so good because we've been so dry for far too long. And I guess the babies had fun today in the rain as well. My cousin Lisa who lives across the street said that they gave quiet the show today running and playing in the rain.

The second piece of exciting news is that at the end of August we will have a story published in the local newspaper about the babies story! They have a magazine that they run every month and the Aug issue is called Horse Tales. Mom and I just finished and finalized the story and the selection of pictures. We could only pick 2-3 pictures. How can you only pick 2-3 when you have hundreds of them in your folder? It was a hard choice. We ended up going with the cute one of dad and ziggy sleeping on each other the 1st day we brought them way home. Then one of the 3 of them when they were about a month old. and then a new picture of mom and dad holding them so you can see how big they are.

I hope that we get some attention through the blog and I hope victoria gets a lot of attention too! Our main goal is to try to get more people educated about the ridiculousness called nurse mare foals and to hopefully get more adopted next year.

Here are some of the new pictures from this last week of the babies and the happenings of the farm.

I was in the trailer. They were in the shade.

The back view. Camie and Bolt actually spend regular time in there. One day they will be in there long enough for me to get the camera.

All of them grazing

Bolt and Camie being cute!

Dad, Ziggy, Camie, Mom, and Bolt. This picture will be one of 3 in the magazine.

Monday, July 11, 2011

busy working weekend!

Well, with it being so hot and the babies not using the trailer as we had hoped, we decided to extend the baby pen for them so that it goes under the apple and pear trees in our front yard. they seem to be enjoying it! They are now 4 months old!!

View from the house

View from the driveway

Updated pictures of the kids and how big they are getting!

Camie.. Not wanting her picture taken

The Boltster--See how much he has shedded out?

Bolt from the front.. good picture of him, but bad of mom because the other one was blurry! Sorry mom! :)

Ziggy has a scratch!


Camie being a loner

Camie-girl being pretty in the sunset