Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Vacation

Since I am headed to Stefan's aunts house for Easter vacation tonite after class, mom and I decided we needed up update the blog.   We went down to the barn this afternoon to catch some  pictures before I left to keep everyone happy until I get back!    I had mom take the ladder into the pen so Ziggy would tilt his head and, of course, he was more than willing to be silly!   Got some great pictures of them running around the barn and of Camie sharpening her teeth on the door....  They really have some pent up energy!   Lets hope this rain and bad weather breaks sometime soon so we can get them back outside jumping and playing.   Enjoy everyone!

Here is Ziggy looking at the ladder!   Told you it was!
A closeup of Bolt's eye & Camie sharpening her can see on the door where they are doing it!
 Here is Camie licking the mud off the tractor tires...yummy....mud!
 Thought you guys would like to see a closeup picture of Bolt.    He is really pretty...just a stinker!   Mom and I were desensitizing them to touch last nite and both Camie and Ziggy will let you pet them everywhere and pick up their feet....Bolt on the other hand isn't quite so willing....I thought he was going to pull my arm out of the socket when mom picked up his back foot.....dont has more willingness than Bolt has unwillingness...she wont let him be a goof
 Here is a good picture of Ziggy making the run up the barn to the front door...Ollie the mule thought he would get in the act and run and jump too!   He almost squished a chicken in the pen!!  Woohoo...go Ollie!
 Here are the kids making a dash up from the back of the barn....with, of course, Camie in the lead
Have a great Easter weekend!!

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