Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome to the Play Pen! Enter if you dare!

Well, dad and I decided to take the babies out tonight. I was walking Camie up to the pasture tonight, and needless to say she started to be a little butthead as we got close to the fence. Well.. she i think she was mad at me and tried to let me have it haha. Cue video....

So, by popular demand i continued to take video's of the kids! They were being bad tonight! But bad is a good thing! As you will see in one of the video's Ziggy slides into home and is called safe... right into the fence! And i missed a photo opportunity, but Bolt litterally did fall into the fence ripping it in half and going right through. But he shot back into the field just as fast.

Ziggy and Bolt

Bolt, Camie, Ziggy

Run Ziggy run!

Come get me!!

This video shows the kids running and bucking! :)

                                   This video is where Ziggy runs into the fence! What a goof!

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