Wednesday, May 18, 2011

boo mother nature

Hi guys..

Sorry for no updates. The weather has been horrendous! Its rained something like 30 of the last 40 days... it was kinda ok this weekend but it rained in the morning and then was so so in the evening.. but we were afraid to let them out because they get crazy and we didnt want any injuries!!

This past monday I had a lovely surprise for me when I came home.. not!! Poor Zig man must have had an upset stomach. I will spare you the gorey details and jsut tell you that it was disgusting haha! He was covered from the butt down. :( and how had to clean it up? this girl. He was such a good boy though! he let me put on his halter and then i lead him out of the pen and tied him up. that was the first time we was ever tied. And the whole time he just stood there. I was using hot water so it must have felt good. He even was lifting up his legs for me. It was gross but he was sweet and you could tell he didn't feel good so it wasn't that bad.

In other farm news our old man grizzly is lost. Some how he managed to slip his colar. It is worrisome because he hasn't been feeling well lately and we can't find him anywhere! And in the 13 years that we've had him he has never ever gotten out of his colar let alone run away.

I was thinking about when we first got him. He was a stray that was of course dropped off at our house and dad wouldn't let him come inside. So i set up a nice house for him and gave him food and water hehe! Well, we didn't tie him up because dad didnt want to keep him so everyday when I would come home from school, Grizz would meet me at the end of the driveway and pick me up from the school bus. He did this for a few weeks and then one day he didn't come get me. i was heart broken and called my mom sobbing because i thought he had finally run away. Well!! he was jsut next door visiting the neighbor and once he realized I was home he came back. He is a good dog and I hope we are able to find him.

I also wanted to say HI!! and thanks for everyone who has visited our site. I didn't think we would get any vistitors other than family, but we've had people from singapore, germany, russia, australia, and a few more cool places look at our blog at least once. So, I just wanted to say thanks for checking us out! It makes my day when I see someone new has looked at this.. even if you didn't mean to! :)

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