Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on Ziggy: part 3

The last few months have been a slow one for Ziggy. His exercise has increased to at least 15 minutes a day. Some days you can really tell when he is stir crazy because he can be a real butt when you are trying to walk him. He just wants to run!!! And dad has created a monster!!!!! I don't even want to know how many cookies he gets a day from dad during their walks! Good gravy!!

When he first had his surgery, he got it for a clubbed foot. Now however, the left foot..which was the worst.. kinda has the opposite problem! (the right foot is great and has really healed up nicely!!) His "ankle" joint or his fetlock has now become hyperextended when he walks. The vet said that he needed to increase his exercise time to try and strengthen the muscle. We tried this for a few weeks and even found a brace that was supposed to help support the suspensatory ligaments. It seemed to help a little bit, but some times when he was walking, it would make your stomach churn for how extended it was getting. Obviously this was a better problem to have than what he had before the surgery, but it still needed to be corrected.

The last time Doug was out, we called the vet who did his surgery to find out if there was anything else we could do or that she would recommend to help this. She said we needed to put on a shoe that has an extension on the back to make it so he can't flex as much. She also said that we needed to continue back with the wrapping of his leg with the cotton wrap and the vet wrap and that he needed to be back on stall rest with no more than 5 minutes a day of exercise so that the leg can now heal more and hopefully tighten up.

His new wrap.. don't you love the hot pink zebra?? :)

His new kicks


the best pic of it that we could get. you can see the shoe and then the added part that comes out the back. It was amazing to watch Doug make this and to actually put it on. I've never seen a horse get a shoe before!

The bad kids

Camie making a mean face

Playing in the snow

Bolt about to get Camie

He is getting so pretty. and Big!!

I think she was tired?

"This is my good side"

Bolt is about to get Camie again!!!

Bolt getting some lovin' from mom!

Having some fun

running around

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