Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on Ziggy: part 2

So about a week after his surgery, Doug the ferrier came out to take care of Ziggy's feet. He had to add a toe extension like I said in the last post. Ziggy was being bad, so we had to call our vet Holly to bring in reinforcements. She gave him some drugs and then he was a good boy for us.

I'm also added some pictures of the other babies so you can see how big everyone is getting. Bolt is turning into a big butthead, so we really need to get our round pen situated again so we can start teaching him some good manors.

Ziggy out for another walk

What his left incision looked like about 1 week post op... i forgot to take pics of the right foot incision...

The left foot again

Doug's first time working with him after surgery

Adding a toe extension

The tow extension was kinda like caulking stuff. it came out of a gun thing like that. He heated it up and then put plastic wrap around his foot after he molded it and it dried.

After that, he applied a really sticky tape to the bottom to keep it on..

that would have been a good shot, but his hand got in the way!

The final product. We also added duct tape to the bottom to keep it protected so it wouldn't fall off.

The other babies enjoying some hay

Mom walking the two of them up. It was at this point that she was asking for help. 

Camie girl. 

Camie again

Bolt is back by the tree, Camie is close, and you can see Ziggy off the top left walking with dad

"Hey ziggy, want to play?"

How is she so dirty??

Bolt getting ready to run!


He looks so pretty when he runs!

more running

still running

Ok.. i'm tired now.

Camie: "what are you looking at bolt?"

The two goof balls

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