Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on Ziggy Part 1

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been horrible updating, but school has been crazy! I'm planning on putting several posts on here to show the progression of things so far...

After we brought Ziggy home from the hospital, he was on stall rest for at least 60 days. He was only allowed out for 5 minutes a day, and that's if he wasn't limping. He was doing pretty well! the first day he walked all the way down the drive way and then then only starting limping on the way back to the barn. Other than that, he was walking really well.

We had to change his bandages every other day. I took some pictures of his incisions. they actually looked great!! His bandages consisted of a non-stick gauze pad over the incision, brown fabric wrap, gauze wrapping, then thick cotton wrapping, then it was held up with Vetwrap. Each layer had specific instructions. Like the brown wrap needed to be overlapped 75% each revolution. And the Vetwrap needed to be overlapped by 50%. For the most part Ziggy was good about this. I was only kneed in the head twice! They had to be changed about every other day or so for 14 days.

Doug, our ferrier, also came out at least once a week to trim up his heels, and they were really thick from not touching the ground. He also needed to have a toe extension put on because he had completely worn off the front of his hoof. Doug said that it was so thin, that if he would have even bumped it on something he probably would have bruised his bone!

Ziggy's first walk!

Ziggy, dad and Stefan

The geese being our wonderful helpers are clearing the way!

On the way back down the drive way

The white things is just a wedge to help the pain. We have to lower this slightly every week other wise the pain will be too much and he will just go back into a contracture.

just another shot

"we're the three best friends that anyone's ever had!"

Camie: "hey, you smell funny."

His shave patch where the IV went

His new friend since he isn't allowed to be with his friends for a long time.

Another walk the next day. Eating some grass!!

First time changing his dressings. Taking off the brown gauze stuff

What was under the vetwrap and the brown stuff

His incision on his left side.

a close up. This is i think maybe 3 or 4 days post-op

putting the dressings back on.

gauze, cotton, brown gauze....

...then vetwrap

Taking off the other side...

only the gauze and gauze pad left

his right side incision

a close up


the finished product!!!!

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