Monday, June 27, 2011

Wanted: Shade

Well, unfortunately I don't have any pictures but i wanted to post a note about our night. This weekend we put in our horse trailer to the baby pen so that they could have better shade than the little canopy that we set up for them and was getting ruined everyday by either them or the wind? So, while out there tonight, we decided to try and get the babies to come in the trailer since they haven't been in there since we brought them home!!!

The ONLY brave one to get in was Ziggy and he was SO good about it. Of course we had to use some food and a little encouraging pushes but then he was in. And it was hilarious because he was walking like he had stilts on because of the rubber in the trailer. HAHA but he is such a good boy and really is sweet. I can't wait for him to get older so we can do more than just say how cute he is :)

Camie and Bolt were both not on the get in the trailer team. We tried and tried and gave a lot of pushes but they said NO WAY!!!! Maybe they will get in once they see how much fun Ziggy is having in there?

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