Monday, June 20, 2011

finally got my cord back!!

My lovely boyfriend finally was able to bring back my camera cord so i am back in business!! Since the last time I wrote a lot of things have happened. We put up electrical tape around the babies pen because it was getting to a point where they needed to learn how to respect the fence. Everyone has been zapped at least once! Poor ziggy was a little too curious about it when we first put it up and ZAP right on the nose. So the babies have been spending most of their days outside in the pasture because its way cooler out there.

Bolt and Ziggy taking a jog

The tape electrical fence

Ziggy, Bolt, and Camie

We put the goats outside too! Since the round pen was up for the babies, we decided to put the goats to work on some landscaping. We have had the pen around two sets of trees and they are looking great! And its good for the goats too because they can be outside, have more space to run around, and they can be alone!! we've never had anywhere else to put them before now because they are too attached to us and will break anything we put them in.

Joey                                         Jasper

The geese are doing great! You won't even recognize Charlie when i post a picture of him! He is huge and they are both goofy! I bought a little kiddy pool for them to play in. They loved it but was only like 10 inches deep so i bought them a big 8ft by 2ft pool that they love even more! They are so funny when they swim! It normally scares the other one and they end up getting out of the pool, which is hilarious!

Charlie just 2 weeks ago

Charlie's first time in the pool. He loves to spread his wings!

Hank and Charlie. Isn't he big??

Hank only likes his chickens. He doesn't really like the big ones.. he is telling this chicken what is up!

Heads down, bottoms up!

We love our pool!!!!

In some sad news: We had to put Grizzly to sleep yesterday. He had a stroke and was just awful yesterday afternoon. Stefan and I went out to let the babies and the goats out and found him stuck in his house because he couldn't even get up. Then he came out and couldn't even stand up without leaning on something. Then he kinda started having seizures and was just really bad. We took him to the vets and he started to perk up... that made the decision just crushing for me. The vet said that there was a chance he could get a little better by putting him back on the antibiotics and steroids, but we would just be back in this situation.. 2 hours?, 2 days?, 2 weeks? from now.. and in the end we just didnt feel it was fair to him to have to suffer through another stroke or anything else that would have come about through the complications.... it was a really hard day for me yesterday and it is even now writing this.. did we make the right decision? i sure hope so and i can only hope he is in a better place now.  Grizzly was a good dog and I really miss him being outside. He was always happy to see us and was really goofy and sweet. ITs just crazy that on sat. he barked when someone pulled into the driveway and was chasing the chickens out of his food and then on sunday he didn't even have enough cordination to stand up on his own. RIP Grizz, I love you.

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