Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi everyone,

So for no updates lately.. i took some pictures and was going to post this weekend but then I was too busy.. and now that i'm back home i realized i left my camera cord to connect to the computer down in pittsburgh at my boyfriends house.. so it will be a few weeks until i can post pictures because sadly thats how long it will be until i see my boyfriend again.

In other news, we put the babies outside this weekend in our round pen since we remodeled the barn and took down the temporay gates that was the round pen. They seem to be enjoying spending their time outside and we have even left them outside over night!

Hank and Charlie are getting big. I think charlie doubles in size every other day so he is getting soo big!

We also got our hay in this weekend. I'm not sure on the final tally though but I know we have a good start to our winter supply.

Thats really all for now.. sorry no pictures. Have a nice day!

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