Monday, December 19, 2011

Prayers for Ziggy

Well, Sunday we left our house at about 1:30 to take Ziggy to the Equine Specialty Hospital to get his leg checked out and for potential surgery. We got there about 2:30 and got him all signed in and then took him to the his stall. He was not really a fan of walking onto the concrete floor of the barn. The vet tech there gave him a quick physical and then that was that and we left.

After we got home, mom called the vet and left a message telling her we decided to take him there. A few hours later we got a heartbreaking voicemail from her saying that taking him to this hospital would not be a fix all and there was a big possibility that the surgery wouldn't work and we would be forced to put Ziggy to sleep. This broke all of our hearts and left us all feeling very sick. We asked for lots of prayers over the last 24 hours and we appreciate any and all that you did for Ziggy and us. Last night was absolutely dreadful and was a very sucky waiting game. I was completely dreading the phone call from the vet. I know its probably bad to say, but i was preparing myself for the worst even though i wanted the best...just so the blow wouldn't be as bad once the vet called.

Today at about 1 pm, I got a call from my mom. She asked how i was and i said i don't am i? She said good. The vet then told her that Ziggy was going to get surgery not only on his left foot but also on his right foot. Both had been problematic in the past, but we thought that the right foot was getting better. Which it was, but she said that she was going to go in and clip the ligaments just to be certain that it gets better and doesn't start to club like the left. The left foot, which is the one he went down for was the worst, but i guess not as bad as the vet had thought it was going to be. She said however, that it is bad enough that she will have to cut his tendons. She also said that everything also depends on his bones. Hopefully they are not fused and they are able to physically manipulate his hock to move it in a better position. But she said that at this point, with some very extensive rehab of stretching and shoeing that hopefully we will be able to control it enough that he will be able to somewhat normal but that we may never be able to ride him. I don't care what he is as long as he is alive!

She also asked mom if he was a nervous horse. Of all the horses and definitely of the babies, he would not be considered the nervous one. The poor guy. This is the first time that he has been alone and he is not dealing with it well. With that being said, his surgery is tomorrow. We will not expect a phone call until after 1 pm. And with him being nervous, we could possibly be bringing him home on thursday. I will keep everyone posted.

But for tonight, please keep praying for Ziggy. Pray that the Dr. will be able to do everything that is necessary for him to heal correctly. Pray that his bones have not fused yet. And pray for a speedy recovery.

Thanks everyone for all the prayers so far. It really means a lot.

And please, if you are interested or willing in donating to the Ziggy Fund, let me know and I will get you the information needed.

Brushing him before we are on our way

You can see here his bad foot. He is kinda on his toe.

This may be a better picture than the last one of his bad foot.

Walking to the trailer.

He wasn't too sure about this. 

Come on Zig!!

In at last. Only took a couple pulls. He was very nervous to be in there alone though

Pulling into the hospital

The facility



The barn where Ziggy is staying.

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