Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lets Save Ziggy!!

Hi all!   Just wanted to update the blog on Ziggy's condition.   Last we left it, the vet and farrier didn't think the stretching was working well on getting Ziggy's tendons to stretch out so we decided to just take the boot off and let it go until the next trim.   Well, Doug, the farrier was here yesterday and told us the foot has taken a severe turn for the worse and we need to do something NOW to save Ziggy.   I called the Equine Speciality Hospital in Burton, Ohio to see what we need to do to get things started for him because, at this point, if we do nothing, the foot will turn under and then he will have to be put to sleep because he wont be able to function on the leg at all.   We decided to take him up on this coming Sunday to stay over night and be evaluated on Monday.  After speaking to the vet, she said if the leg is as bad as I have described it, then surgery will be done the following day.   He will have to stay in the hospital for probably a week for stretching, bandaging and splinting, and medication.  This is going to cost approximately $3500 and we are asking our friends and followers to help if anyone can.   Any small amount will be appreciated.   Please leave a comment in our blog section and we will let you know where to send it.    Thanks to everyone out there who follows our blog and have enjoyed watching the babies grow up as much as we have enjoyed posting these for  you.   Lets save Ziggy!!   

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