Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ziggy's progress

Well the Zig-man has come a long long way over the last 7 months. Over the last month or two he was released from the vets for the stall only restrictions. Which was good because he was driving us crazy!!!!!! So he has been with the other babies and is totally back to his normal self.

The boys were also gelded a few weeks ago as well. They both did amazingly well. Ziggy was just a snip but she had to dig for one of Bolt's because only one had dropped. They hardly had any swelling. The vet was worried about the grow spurt the gelding might have on Ziggy but so far so good.

The babies are hating this hot weather. We have 5 water buckets out there at a time and we fill them up 3-4 times a day! They like staying inside though with the fan on them.

Today Doug our ferrier came for a visit and he took off Ziggy's shoe. He really needed it done because his toe was really growing out. It was making him rock back on his heel again. Well, after he trimmed him up he was looking fantastic and this is the first time in 7 months that Ziggy has been a "real" horse and just has the hooves on his feet and no hardware!!!! YAY for Ziggy!!!!

The finished product

Ziggy is grumpy we took him away from his hay!

A side shot.. See how big he is getting?

Both feet.. What a success story!!!!!!!

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